How Bath Remodel Services Can Enhance Your Bathroom

If you’re tired of the same old bathtub, sliding glass door, flooring, and everything else that’s been happening in your bathroom, why not give it a new look with a bath remodel? There are many different ways you can change the look of your bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a smaller home or you have a small budget; you can still make your bathroom the perfect place in which to take a relaxing bath. Here are a few ideas:

Bath Remodel


If you’re looking for a unique bath remodel idea, consider installing a one-piece bathtub. Why? Because a one-piece bathtub allows you to choose exactly what material (coralized marine sand, porcelain or ceramic tile) you’d like the rest of the tub to be made out of. And you can spend less on labor by choosing materials that are cheaper than others. Most bathroom remodels can be done in just a day, with most starting with a fresh new tub.


Rather than pay an expert for his or her services, why not try doing your own bath remodel services? There are many things you can do yourself to improve the appearance of your bathtub and save money in the process. For example, there are no specialized skills required to install a sliding glass door. The materials needed are easily found at your local hardware store, and if you have some time on your hands, some basic plumbing knowledge can help a bit as well. The general process requires little or no labor in most cases.


Another aspect of bath remodel services that are commonly offered is a shower combination. With a shower combination, you take out the bathtub, but replace it with a shower stall. Some companies will combine both the shower combination with the bathtub, or offer you a complete one-piece shower combination at a slightly higher price. The most common combination packages include a corner bathtub and a shower stall, but you can also get them with a pedestal shower and a standalone tub, if you like. Showers with jets, power suction and sprayers can cost more, but they’re all but a necessity when replacing a tub with a shower stall.


Last, but certainly not least, is a toilet/toilet basket option. With a toilet basket, you can give your bath remodel a creative flair, creating a unique focal point for your bathroom. You can use a clear, molded acrylic toilet basket, or any clear container you like. Other popular toilet basket options include woven baskets with wicker or metal trims, and the more common plastic toilet baskets.


There are lots of other options, including everything from wall-mounted cabinets to an over the sink “cabinet” style. You should be able to find exactly what you want, if you keep an eye out for certain styles when you shop. Bathrooms are notoriously difficult to decorate, and they need to look great from the very first moment in the renovation process. By following this advice, you’ll have a beautiful bath remodel that you can be proud of.